I had this idea of taking photos of a musician, especially of a drummer.

And after watching a music video from Robert DeLong (,,Global Concepts”), I got an additional idea of taping glow sticks onto the drumsticks. This is the outcome.


Thanks to Richard for playing so well !

Rhodes – Greece

A few impressions and text from me and the last vacation I took with my class after we all graduated from school. Our destination: Rhodes, Greece. Faliraki to be more precisely.


Speaking of which, Faliraki. The city we stayed in. Busy but beautiful in the earliest and latest hours of daytime.

The most beautiful location I have been at, was the Anthony Quinn Bay. Deep, blue and crystal clear water filled with fish. And sea urchin…

It was an amazing experience for me to take photos underwater. Thanks to my underwater housing from Ewa-marine (not sponsored, but if you want to give me money…nothing against that).


Lindos. A famous destination for every tourist. So therefore its crowded like hell. Especially during the mid day, where everyone is hungry and looking for somewhere to eat. But if you don’t follow the main street and go to the small alleys to your right or left…then you find yourself in a beautiful, comfy city.

A beautiful sunrise from a little hill. From our hotel it were only 500m to this location. Due to the heat it felt more like 5000m. But it was gorgeous.